Applications of Schnorr Signatures in Bitcoin

March 29, 2019

Last week, we published a visual framework to better grasp the cryptographic scheme of Schnorr signatures and its history. The elliptic curve digital signature algorithm (ECDSA), the current signature scheme in Bitcoin, has many limitations and some believe that it must be changed. Further improvements in Bitcoin to increase privacy, fungibility and programmability will be extremely facilitated by implementing the Schnorr signatures scheme.

What will it concretely bring to Bitcoin? There are different possible applications, we present the most expected ones, such as MAST, TAPROOT, and GRAFTROOT. Although they are separate projects, they are highly interlinked.They must be understood as a new package of new functionalities for Bitcoin and particularly, as an enormous enhancement in privacy. This diagram explains the applications in the simplest way, but it is not enough at all to understand all the intricacies of them. For anyone diving into all this, we recommend by starting to listen to Peter Wuille Talk at the SF Bitcoin Developers Meetup, here. After this, you can start your journey by checking out the sources listed below. Don't hesitate to contact Veriphi if you have any questions and feel free to share it. Enjoy!