Bitcoin Improvements and Projects Links

January 5, 2019

We have compiled a list of resources regarding Bitcoin improvements and related projects that fascinate us and that we consider to have a massive potential that will be unleashed in 2019 and beyond. Enjoy!

Lightning Network

Lightning Network's original paper proposal by Joseph Poon and Thaddeus Dryja. The original proposal was done in 2014 and this is the updated version of 2016, however some elements are no longer relevant.

Video resources for the first day of Lightning Hack Day in New York, numerous presentations by influential Bitcoin and Lightning Network actors such as Peter Todd, Pierre Rochard, Matt Corallo and Christian Decker.

To deeply understand how payment channels work on the Lightning Network



The best engine to analyze the Lightning Network.

MAST and Taproot

Here are the three BIPs, corresponding to the improvements related to MAST:

BIP 114, Merkelized Abstract Tree, by Johnson Lau.

BIP 116, Merkle Branch Verify, by Mark Friedenbach.

BIP 117, Tail Call Execution Semantic, by Mark Friedenbach.

Original proposal named TAPROOT by Gregory Maxwell, Implementation of MAST used mainly for bitcoin anonymization purposes.

Less technical extension of the concept of MAST and TAPROOT.

Anonymity of Bitcoin

This article summarizes all of Bitcoin's anonymity technologies.

Signatures Schnorr

Medium post by Spencer Bogart explaining the Schnorr Signatures.

Explanatory post by about this technology.

BIP proposed by Pieter Wuille (Sipa) on the Schnorr Signatures.

Dandelion & Tor

Here is an article from Bitcoin Magazine that explains this technology.

This is the academic paper that explains the Dandelion ++ version.

BIP 156 : Dandelion

How to use Bitcoin Core with Tor.

Bitcoin Mixing

Coinjoin technology and its main implementation. &

Zerolink technology, used in the Wasabi Wallet, a form of Coinjoin. &

Bitcoin exchanges without KYC 


Here is the introductory paper on Sidechains technology introduced in 2014.

Transcript of an interview by Trace Mayer with Dr. Adam Back on Sidechains.

The open-source Elements project.

The Liquid Network

How to get started with the Liquid Network.


Tools for sovereignty

Blockstream Satellite.

Tutorial to connect to the Satellite.

BTCPAY Server.



Electrum Personal Server.