For all your Bitcoin needs, we are the experts.

Implement the necessary measures to manage and secure your keys, and to be sovereign over your wealth.


Operational security

With our extensive knowledge in cybersecurity and data privacy, we create the operational security procedures needed for your key management to make sure your holdings are secure and private. Proper estate planning is also essential for the recovery of your Bitcoin holdings.


Protocol development insight

Bitcoin’s decentralized governance through a peer-to-peer network of nodes is a revolutionary innovation. Understand the Bitcoin Improvement Proposals (BIP), the changes in its releases and future developments in the Bitcoin protocol and how they can impact users ranging from hodlers to miners.


Conference recaps

Hundreds of hours worth of content carefully curated and vulgarized to get the best understanding of what’s going on in the world of Bitcoin. Have a conference of interest, but are in need of a rundown of the signals? — Let us know. Take a look at some of our past client reports.


Educational seminars and training

We have experience organizing conferences explaining Bitcoin to wide ranges of audiences since we host the Legendary Montreal Meetup. Whether you are a novice or an expert we can create seminars and workshops catered to your needs in order for you and your organization to be best informed on Bitcoin and its technicalities.


Capital allocation strategy

Understand the principles of the various fundamental analysis reports of Bitcoin, their strengths and weaknesses and the metrics for evaluating Bitcoin as part of your holdings.

Bitcoin Consultation

We create educational content to further the understanding of the myriad of developments in Bitcoin and excel at breaking down its complex facets so you can be better informed.

Grasp the security and implementation concepts of Bitcoin. It is thanks to years of experience and developing relationships with developers in the field that we can make securing your investment a reality that you and your organization can fully appreciate.

Our comprehensive reports and consultation will enable you to be better informed on the nature of your investment, the parameters for growth and adoption, the associated risks and how to reduce them.

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