Veriphi launches La Sauce Bitcoin Podcast!

Veriphi launches La Sauce Bitcoin Podcast!

By Gustavo J. Flores Echaiz about 1 year

Hi everyone, Gustavo here.

I’m very proud and happy to announce our latest educational effort, La Sauce Bitcoin podcast co-hosted by Maciej Cepnik and I, Gustavo J. Flores Echaiz.

This podcast is one of the first of its kind, given it’s a Bitcoin podcast but fully in French and not any type of French but French Canadian, in other words, Québecois.

This is why we’re calling it THE Bitcoin Podcast of Quebec. We want every person in Quebec to consider our podcast the audio reference in terms of educational content, news, discussions, recommandations and much more.

In this blog post, I’ll explain each segment and the composition of the first episode.

You can find us on, Spotify, Youtube and very shortly on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast too.

The Podcast Sponsors

First of all, the Podcast Sponsors are Veriphi, the security (self-custody) support everyone needs! Contact us through the instant messaging on our chat, by phone or by email for any needs you might have regarding self-custody. You can also look at our packages here.

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You can fund your account with Interac E-transfer, Wire or Desjardins Transfer (perfect for Quebec residents). You can also sell Bitcoin and send CAD funds to your bank account, to someone else's bank account or even pay a biller directly with Bitcoin! Sign up here.

The News & Opinion Segment

In the La Sauce Bitcoin podcast, we will be having multiple segments of conversation.

The first will be an opinionated news presentation segment where Maciej and I will each talk about recent events that are widely talked about in the internet Bitcoin communities but not so much in the french-speaking sphere.

By this point, you might know that Maciej and I, as much as we try to educate our audience on Bitcoin concepts and technologies, we don’t keep our mouths shut when it comes to calling out bullshit. This will be a focal point of this segment of our podcast.

In the first episode, we discussed about two very important speeches that happened over the last few weeks.

  1. "Shadowy Super Coders" by Elizabeth Warren (1:31:00)

The point she tries to make here is that developers and miners control cryptocurrency networks. She's right about other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum but she couldn't more wrong when it comes to Bitcoin. Nodes run the network, miners and developers work for nodes (users). Listen further here.

  1. "Inflation is transitory" by Jerome Powell.

Inflation is transitory is the worse argument you can have because inflation that happened 50 years ago was transitory (during the 1970s) but the effect wasn't. We still feel it today. Listen further to our conservation here.

The Interview Segment

This is a segment that wasn't included in the first episode but will be part of almost all further episodes. We want to have a conversation with every important french-speaking Bitcoiner out there, from Quebec obviously but without missing those from France, African countries or elsewhere.  

If you want to be part of our podcast, you can invite yourself by sending us an email to and we'll try to make it happen!

Listen to Maciej talk about the interview segment here.

The Technology & Tools Segment

Then, every episode (not the first one since it was the introductory one) will include a segment on technology & tools.

In this segment, we will select a technology / tool of the week and dive deep into it. We will prioritize those that we believe are extremely useful for a Bitcoiner, either for security, privacy or simply usability features.

For example, we could talk about how Wasabi is our preferred tool for coin mixing in Q&A format. On the other hand, we could talk about an application like Coinmiles that's extremely easy and can make you earn some extra Sats, particularly if you're from Montreal.

Listen to me, Gustavo, talk about the technology / tools segment here.

The Recommandations & Community News Segment

Finally, we will have a conclusive segment on what our recommandations of the week are. This will mostly be around educational ressources that have recently been released (or we've recently discovered) in different formats, either a blog article, a podcast, or as simple as a tweet.

We also will share community news for the french-speaking community & for Montreal inhabitants. For example, in this episode we broke down our upcoming event, Bitcoin Montreal Summer, which will be a week-long combination of workshops, presentations, evening events, dinners, a day-long saturday BBQ and a sunday hike.

To be notified about all further updates concerning this event, sign up to our Bitcoin Montreal community on here.

Listen to Maciej and I talk about the Montreal Bitcoin Summer here.

Looking forward to hearing everyone's feedback on the Podcast and our other activities. Keep stacking SATS and HODLing!


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