Veriphi and Bull Bitcoin Partner Up!

Veriphi and Bull Bitcoin Partner Up!

By Maciej Cepnik over 1 year


Bull Bitcoin and Veriphi have officially partnered to create the ultimate Bitcoiner experience. Veriphi is a company made up of Bitcoin believers of unparalleled expertise in the field. Active in the industry since 2015, they have known over time how to make the most of Bitcoin's security and sovereignty tools to create complete solutions. Veriphi fervently believes and aims to make Bitcoin ownership simple for everyone.

Customers who have adopted Veriphi’s solutions rest easy knowing that their bitcoins are safe from hacks, theft and loss and access to personally identifiable information. Death or sudden disability are also accounted for in our solution to ensure that your bitcoins fall into the right hands if anything were to happen to you.

This newly formed association between Bull Bitcoin and Veriphi is ready to benefit you!

The Bull Bitcoin Prime program was launched a few weeks ago, providing added benefits to investors buying or selling over than $25,000 CAD worth of Bitcoin.

In addition to unlimited liquidity, priority transaction execution and its competitive rates, Bull Bitcoin Prime customers also receive an hour with a Veriphi Security Expert for an advanced security session. This allows investors to understand concisely the important security, confidentiality and sovereignty aspects to take into account to best protect their bitcoins.You can also approach Veriphi with any other questions or concerns regarding Bitcoin.

For investors wanting to go further, there are security kits suited for various investor profiles. The price depending on what you need is between $550 and $2000 CAD.

Follow the link bellow to learn more about these packages and which one best suits your needs and to benefit from a discount on all of our security packages!

Veriphi Bitcoin Security Packages
Our Bitcoin experts provide everything you need to keep your Bitcoins secure, private and usable.

We are proud of this partnership with Bull Bitcoin, a company of excellence in the Bitcoin field with unshakable ethical standards. We intend to live up to our customers' expectations of providing the tools for their bitcoins to be secure, confidential and sovereign, easily.

Thank you for your time and we hope to help build your own digital fortress soon.

Continue reading to learn more about our history, values and passion for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin: An Adventure Anyone Can Join

The great adventure that is Bitcoin is a journey that once you embark upon, you can find yourself at an exceptional level of passion for what it represents for you. Some put their reputation at stake and proclaim their values to the world. Others work silently, putting time and effort to contributing code, spreading awareness or maturing their understanding. In either case, there is often a complete restructuration of their paradigm.

Bitcoiners are pacifist revolutionaries, who decide to rebel not by force, but by code. Thought no longer spills through pen onto paper. Some of our greatest social developments are now being expressed through keystrokes.

Momentum continuously builds thanks to the contributions of countless companies and individuals working in the space. They perpetuate Bitcoin's Lindy effect and decentralization.

Bitcoin is verifiable, one cannot defraud or distort its protocol for personal gain. Unlike companies and States, Bitcoin represents the first functioning system of its kind.

Impervious to Time and with its direction being predictable, Bitcoin offers unwavering soundness and reliability, requirements for it to be perceived as money intransigent to human bias.  

Many are attracted to the benefits Bitcoin has to bring and we can assume their number will grow with greater need for confiscation and censorship-resistant money. One could not help but believe that the very complexity of our financial system is deliberately orchestrated so that we do not question ourselves more than we need to.

In its pure simplicity, Bitcoin is already found to be the monetary rescue boat for individuals who need an alternative to the fiat currencies imposed by their governments. Bitcoin is used to escape hyperinflation and continuously debased currencies due to irresponsible monetary and fiscal practices. Beyond these critical situations, citizens of industrialized countries also question themselves more and more about the nature of their money and the implications for their privacy and freedom.

The Evolution of Bitcoin

How did Bitcoin get there? How is it that a simple source code launched on the Internet over 10 years ago by a pseudonymous actor has been capable of arousing so much interest and passion and is now a phenomenon that transcends borders?

Knowing that Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer network, the answer is found in its very nature. Being a ''peer'' in the network is found to be a very revealing experience for many. Being an integral part of a network in which all the rules are governed by the protocol itself and not by a potentially corruptible entity. Bitcoin's peer-to-peer network could not exist without the individual agents who decide to participate. Bitcoin has therefore grown, similar to a living organism, thanks to this organically growing network made up of real people.

In the latest years following a substantial rise of its influence, Bitcoin has attracted a wide range of individuals. They are not necessarily seasoned computer scientists, but ordinary people who simply seek a monetary alternative to what is presented to them by default. Bitcoin has reached an expansionary stage.

Bitcoin is not the story of a better payments network, nor is it one of a new speculative asset or a "pump and dump" scheme, like so many others. Bitcoin is a collective story, one in which its ending is far from being traced. A story that all can adhere to, not by force, but by choice.

Beware of those who want your bitcoins

Many malicious have and will continue to try and take your bitcoins away from you. If you believe that they will slowly but surely grow in value, you must take the proper precautions as not to fall victim to such tragedies.

Several threat vectors exist in Bitcoin. Due to its digital nature, it can be more difficult to conceptualize the security necessary to protect someone's bitcoin stash. The entire digital treasury of an investor can be represented by a private key, which can manifest itself either as a file or through 12 or 24 words. The portability and compactness of this format brings a lot of advantages, but has its share of problems. If this private key falls into the wrong hands or gets lost, there is absolutely no way to recover those bitcoins.

In a world of mischievous opportunists, there are those that wish to profit from the ignorance of others, by pushing them to take bad security practices or by attempting to sell the "next" Bitcoin.  However, all they really want from you is to hand them your digital gold. We must reject such ideas since it is incredibly unlikely to reproduce the Bitcoin protocol and the circumstances in which it came to be.

Bitcoin can also seem out of reach due to the many educational and IT efforts required to face its many threats. This has encouraged users to take the easy route and risk compromising their long-term well-being and security. Although no single company or individual can modify Bitcoin, they can greatly influence people's perception and use of this new asset.

One must build a reputation of being trustworthy and integrate. It takes a tremendous amount of time to build this trust, but it only takes an instant for it to evaporate. Scrupulously watched by the community, entities unworthy of people's trust will quickly be stripped of all legitimacy and fall out of the market's favour.

The Warriors Who Will Never Stop Fighting

Bull Bitcoin is one of those few companies that has proved over time that they work with the utmost integrity, respect and consideration for the well-being of their members.

Bull Bitcoin is a Canadian platform for buying and selling Bitcoin and one of the rare that respects the famous motto: "Not your keys, not your Bitcoin". Thus the Bitcoin acquired on the platform will never be kept on it, but will be sent directly to the user's wallet. In addition to avoiding systemic hacking risks, which often result in large losses of funds for users of a platform, it also influences users in their perception of Bitcoin's nature, that of a sovereign asset.

Keeping your bitcoins secure is a difficult, but ultimately necessary task. Maintaining the security of your own bank can be arduous, but by doing so you ensure the sovereignty over your wealth.  

If you aren't quite sure where to start or are ready to begin the journey to financial sovereignty, you can send us a message at

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Wishing you to hodl strong!

- The Veriphi team


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