Our Team

Tristan Borges Solari

Operations & Finance

Gustavo Flores Echaiz

Product & Research

Maciej Cepnik

Marketing & Sales

René Vergé

Legal, Cybersecurity & Privacy

Our Goals

  • To be perceived as a worldwide leader inspiring trust, in the Bitcoin world.

  • Increase the Bitcoin network effect through objective & factual education.

  • Develop Bitcoin-based applications with clear benefits and additional financial sovereignty to Bitcoin users.

  • Spread the Bitcoin standard as a fair and viable alternative to the current monetary systems.

All of Veriphi's team members are passionate believers in Bitcoin technology as a reinforcing element of human rights and fundamental freedoms. Owing to its many properties that distinguish it from any other asset, Bitcoin has the capacity to fulfill an incorruptible global value reserve role. By using existing tools in a compliant way and by creating the tools of tomorrow, we look forward to accomplishing our goals.Veriphi's mission is to spread the Bitcoin standard as a fair and viable alternative to the current monetary systems.

With each paradigm shift in history, comes a phase of deep education and a readjustment of dogmas. That is why it is imperative for us to share our knowledge and values through free informative content and the organization of local events through Bitcoin Montreal. This ensures the creation and continuation of dialogs adapted to the specific contexts of individuals and companies interested in the Bitcoin network.

Due to the nature of the information shared within this network, which is becoming money, we adhere to community values that rely on free, secure, and transparent software development. We discuss regularly with and ask questions directly to the developers of these many tools in order to be on the lookout for the latest advancements.

We consider that human time is the rarest element in the Worlduniverse, and the second being Bitcoin. That's why we believe there should be no middleman between the reward for value creation and the time spent on it.

In order to position ourselves as a leader and an integral member of the industry, we associate ourselves only with actors and companies who share the same values and have distinguished themselves with their hard work and dedication to Bitcoin.