We're a Bitcoin consultancy firm.

We implement the solutions you need to be sovereign over your investment.

Keep your Bitcoin secure, private and usable.

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Be Secure

Digital money requires a digital fortress. Control your keys, control your coins.

We take the time to understand your needs and evaluate your current setup based on our Bitcoin security standards. Take our test now to see how we can help you improve your operational security.



Be Informed

We have an in-depth understanding of Bitcoin and strive at making this information accessible and understandable.

Read our publications to begin your journey into the Bitcoin rabbit hole. We also provide on-demand reports to cater to your needs and interests.



The Team

Active in Bitcoin since 2015, the Veriphi founders have experience in cryptographic asset management, Bitcoin mining, open source software and cybersecurity.

In addition to a decade’s worth of experience in cybersecurity, we have a diverse range of experience in the areas of finance, software and hardware development, economics and law.



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