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We're a Bitcoin consultancy firm.

We implement the solutions you need to be sovereign over your investment.

Keep your Bitcoin secure, private and usable.



Be Secure

Digital money requires a digital fortress. Control your keys, control your coins.

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Be Informed

We have an in-depth understanding of Bitcoin and strive at making this information accessible and understandable.

Read our publications to begin your journey into the Bitcoin rabbit hole. We also provide on-demand reports to cater to your needs and interests.

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The Team

Active in Bitcoin since 2015, the Veriphi founders have experience in cryptographic asset management, Bitcoin mining, open source software, finance, law and cybersecurity.



Our Partner


Veriphi’s partnership with Bull Bitcoin enables the creation of a full turnkey solution for users. All elements, from buying your bitcoins to preserving them, are covered thanks to this alliance.

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“Veriphi has a very extensive knowledge in regards to Bitcoin tech and they are very professional and effective in their work. I’m looking forward to keep on working with them”

Cedric Dahl

Founder,1000x Group


“At Bull Bitcoin we recommend Veriphi, they are solid. Keep up the good work guys!”

Francis Pouliot

CEO, Bull Bitcoin


“I recommend the expertise of the Veriphi team. On the lookout for the latest advances in technology and Bitcoin security, Veriphi is a partner of choice for your Bitcoin-based solutions.”

Mathieu Bussière

Co-Founder, Blockchain Hub Québec


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